Computer Hardware & Data Solution Company

BITS PAKISTAN is a solution provider with the focus on understanding the client's needs and fulfilling them with the "best fit" solution by utilizing state of the art technology and innovations based on the industry's best practices. The company enjoys a distinctive position in the IT market due to its high quality of work and a large and ever growing list of satisfied and prestigious clients..

For more than 25 years, IT resellers, traders and retailers from the region of all over the Pakistan have relied on Bits Pakistan's precise, accurate and reliable supply of computer hardware components and allied accessories. Bits Pakistan not only specializes in offering a complete selection of storage products and other hardware components for PCs and servers, but also provide services of DATA Recovery and HDD repair .We believe in quality standards and its importance for delivering quality products to our customers hence our internal procedures and processes are extremely mature and reliable. Since inception BITS has allocated both budget and resources to remain abreast with the ever changing field of Information Technology. The Research and Development in the field of IT, BITS constantly works on exploring new innovations.

Mission Statement “To identify markets and technologies across the nation that shape the IT industry and to bring the latest products and services to the market. Thus ,constantly trying to find new ways to bring value to our customers , and generate profitable opportunities for both vendors and resellers through its unique global sourcing platform and insight into local market dynamics.”

Bits Pakistan is a customer-oriented organization that is able to successfully merge a global sourcing platform with a thorough insight of local market dynamics. We work closely with our customers, have a clear understanding of their needs, and deliver supply solutions with a clear competitive edge. Above all, we are ideally placed to support the seamless operations and growth of our clients by providing reliable access to the most sought-after products at the best prices. We believe that people are at the heart of our success, and are proud to have a global team of dynamic, experienced and driven individuals propelling us to exceed expectations. Our employees share our customer-centric mentality, and endeavor to act as partners for our clients as well as esteemed vendors.



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